Join your neighbors in making a tax-deductible contribution to 1st Fund or Theater by the Square Foot. Arrange a matching gift from your employer and please volunteer! Your help can have an immediate and decisive impact on this wonderful and vital endeavor at 1st Stage. 1st Stage is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Thank you.

1st Fund

The magic of theater doesn't just happen. Your contribution to 1st Fund (our Annual Fund) will help us to bring the best theatre to you. This fund provides for such things as costumes, sets, royalty fees, playbills, advertising, and more. These costs can be staggering; it costs $96,000 to produce an entire season and approximately $18,000 to produce each show. We need your help.

Click Here to download a 1st Fund mail-in donation form (pdf); or contribute now online:

Matching Gift Programs

Please check if your employer participates in a Matching Gift Program. Many companies and businesses will match or even triple your cash contribution to non-profits. If your company does participate, please request a Matching Form from your HR department, complete it and send to:

1st Stage
P.O. Box 9384
Tysons, VA 22102-0384


    . Theatre by the Square Foot

For as little as $20, you can fund a square foot of our theatre (that covers our rent, insurance, taxes, and landlord fees for one year) and lay claim to this place and the art that is produced here. Multiply $20 x 6,750 square feet (our total space) and you’ll see how much it costs to keep this place running. Buy a square foot, a square yard or even more! Every dollar counts.

Click Here to download a Theater by the Square Foot mail-in donation form (pdf); or contribute now online:

Your Time is a Gift, too.

Please donate your time and expertise.  Volunteers are needed and welcomed. We seek everyone who wants to help—business people, fund raisers, social networking experts, marketers, ushers, graphic designers, lawyers and more. If you have time to offer, a warm smile, and a love of theater, we need you! Click Here download our Volunteer Interest and Talent Survey mail in form (pdf).


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